The 2024 fees for the Residents’ Association are $413.28 (including GST), and are due January 31st, 2024. More information about the fees and payment options is available in this news post.

Fee payments can be mailed to the Association post box at:

212 Darlington Crescent
Edmonton, AB T6M 2T2

When mailing fees, please ensure your address is either on the cheque or clearly noted so your account is correctly credited.

Fees for 2023 and earlier

Outstanding fees for 2023 and earlier are sent to our legal counsel for collection. Once the accounts have been sent to our lawyers, we can no longer collect the fees directly. We are also unable to waive legal fees on their behalf. Please contact John Frame at Witten LLP by email or phone (780-428-0501) for information on updating your accounts.