Maintenance Completed the Week Of: 2021-06-28

  • Dog bag/Garbage refills and removals.
  • Picked up litter and debris.
  • Spot trimmed turf areas that needed it.  Most areas had not grown in extreme heat.
  • Weeded Danbury and Dalhousie entrance beds.
  • Pruned dead branches from shrubs and removed suckers from tree bases.
  • Watered newly planted shrubs.
  • Applied algaecide to pond and streams.
  • Replaced seized lock on Dalhousie pump bunker and adjusted fountain levels.

Expected to complete July 5th to July 11th:

  • Rake debris from pond and streams.
  • Mow and trim turf areas.
  • Continue pruning shrubs and weeding beds.
  • Remove excess cattails from streams.