Maintenance Completed the Week Of: 2021-06-14

  • Dog bag/Garbage refills and removals.
  • Mowed and trimmed all turf areas.
  • Weeded beds from the pond to Lessard Rd.
  • Watered newly planted shrubs.
  • Raked debris from pond and streams.
  • Applied Water Clarifier and Muck Pellets to pond and streams.
  • Sprayed dandelions in rock beds at Dalhousie and Danbury fountains.
  • Asked Edmonton Forestry to provide a plan to replace dead trees in the pond and stream area.

Expected to complete June 21st to 27th:

  • Rake debris from pond and streams.
  • Mow and trim turf areas.
  • Continue weeding shrub beds.
  • If weather permits, spray dandelions in 212 Darlington Cres park entrance area.