Maintenance Completed the Week Of: 2020-09-07

  • Dog bag/Garbage refills and removals
  • Pruned deadwood and suckers throughout all of Donsdale ( Ongoing )
  • Weeded Lessard road entrance mulch beds (still more to be completed )
  • Raked debris and algae from pond and streams
  • Raked basin and unclogged all 3 Lessard end of stream nozzles
  • Removed more thistle from pond edges
  • Full Cut and Trim to all turf areas, except for area where sump pump made it too wet
  • Dalhousie Fountain vandalised with soap.  Drained and refilled basin.
  • The City of Edmonton filled low spots and trip points on pathways with asphalt mix.
  • Followed up with City on cycling lights near pond.  The City has ordered 4 new fixtures as replacements.

Expected to compete Sep 14th- Sep 20th:

  • Fix tire ruts with rakes and seed
  • Rake debris and algae from pond and streams
  • Continue weeding shrub beds and pruning out dead wood (Ongoing )
  • Remove some cattail growth from streams
  • Trim, weed, prune and clean up garbage Danbury and Dalhousie entrances if needed