Maintenance Completed the Week Of: 2020-08-31

  • Dog bag/Garbage refills and removals
  • Weeded and thoroughly pruned \ deadheaded shrubs in beds from Donsdale Dr to the Pond
  • Unclogged Fountain at Lessard End of Stream
  • Raked minor debris and algae from pond and streams
  • Weeded Dalhousie Entrance (Almost completed, still a bit more work to be done to this bed next week)
  • Weeded and thoroughly pruned\ dead headed Lessard entrance mulch beds\shrubs (Still more to do next week)

Expected to compete Sept 7th – Sep 13th:

  • Dog bags \ garbage refills and removals
  • Mow and trim all turf areas
  • Rake debris and algae from pond and streams
  • Continue weeding all shrub beds and pruning out all dead wood
  • Finish weeding Dalhousie entrance beds and Danbury median