Spring Maintenance Update to June 15, 2020


The following are the highlights of the spring startup and maintenance up to June 15, 2020:

  • Spring cleanup completed.
  • Pond aerator serviced and started.
  • All fountains installed and started.
  • A leak was discovered on one of the 3 nozzle lines buried under the Dalhousie Way fountain basin.  The nozzle has been isolated so that the remaining 2 nozzles can operate until the repair can be scheduled.  Once the repair is made the fountain will be shutdown for several weeks to allow the concrete to cure.
  • The gazebo roof was leveled and adjustable posts installed so that some future adjustments can be made as required.
  • Two new dog bag dispensers were installed.
  • The pond and streams were treated to reduce algae growth.
  • The outer face of the 2150 ft of fence facing onto Lessard Road was stained.  The outer face of all Donsdale fence has now been stained in the past 3 years.
  • Replenished bark mulch in shrub beds.
  • The ground which had settled along the stream by the gazebo was filled in and sodded.
  • The City removed a number of dead trees.
  • We continue to follow up with the City on their plans to repair cracked and settled pathways and replant trees that have been removed.
  • Weekly landscaping maintenance ongoing each Wednesday.