Maintenance Completed the Week Of: 2020-06-08

  • Picked up debris, mowed and trimmed all turf areas, cut suckers and weeded shrub beds.
  • Raked debris and algae from pond and streams.
  • Applied algaecide treatment to pond and streams.
  • Unplugged fountain nozzle at Lessard end of stream.
  • Installed bark mulch in beds throughout Donsdale
  • Installed dirt, sod and replaced rocks in sunken area next to stream by gazebo.

Expected to complete June 15th – 21st:

  • Remove suckers from trees, and dead branches from shrubs.
  • Weed all shrub beds.
  • Spray for weeds in shrub beds.
  • Rake out algae and debris from pond and streams.
  • Apply muck pellets and water clarifier to pond and streams.