Maintenance Completed the Week Of: 2019-07-29

  • Mowed and trimmed all turf areas.
  • Raked debris and algae from pond and streams.
  • Pruned and shaped shrubs along the north and south stream paths.
  • Cleaned plugging pump suction screen for the Danbury Fountain.
  • Completed this year’s painting and staining program – Items done this year included:
    • 2850 feet of public facing wooden fence (about 1/3 of the total)
    • All the metal railings around the pond and on the bridges
    • 6 wooden skirts on the gazebo pillars
    • The wooden trellis at the Lessard end of the stream
    • The dog bag stand posts
    • Apply epoxy coating to the basin of the Dalhousie Fountain

Expected to complete August 6th – August 11th

  • Mow and trim all grass areas.
  • Rake algae and debris from pond and streams.
  • Weed and prune junipers on the Danbury and Dalhousie entrance medians.
  • Cut back water plants at the Lessard end of the stream.