Maintenance Completed the Week Of: 2019-07-22

  • Mowed and trimmed all turf areas.
  • Extended pond fountain power cable by 55ft to allow connection while still on shore. Picked up fountain from repair shop and installed in pond.
  • Pruned suckers and deadwood from Darlington path.
  • Pruned suckers and weeded along pond path.
  • Hedge trimmed and cleaned up dead section of dogwood by gazebo.
  • Raked debris and algae from pond and streams.
    Expected to complete July 29th – August 4th
  • Mow and trim all grass areas.
  • Rake algae from pond and streams.
  • Trim and weed Danbury entrance.
  • Weed Dalhousie entrance.
  • Clean algae from suction screen at Danbury fountain and apply algaecide.
  • Prune and weed beds along the paths.