Maintenance Completed the Week Of: 2019-05-13

Emptied garbage stands and picked up litter and debris along pathways.

Cut and trimmed turf areas.

Pressure washed fountain basin by Lessard Road in preparation for startup.

Pulled debris out of pond.

Replaced rocks in the stream by Lessard Road after piping was repaired. Also replaced stream liner rocks that had been thrown into pond by vandals.

Installed fountain in the main pond.  Electrical repairs still required before starting.

Removed debris from the fountain pump bunkers.

Backpack blew all pathways.

Pumped out part of stream from Lessard Road to allow lowering of weir.

Cut concrete sill lower on one of the Lessard stream weirs to prevent water from flowing around the weir and onto the asphalt pathway.

Replaced plastic stream fountain piping with steel and started stream pump and fountains.

Rebuild suction piping on small fountain at Lessard end of stream to allow proper isolation and removal of pump.

Expected to complete May 21st – 25th

Cut and trim all turf areas.

Top up bark mulch in beds.

Rake out debris and algae from pond and streams.

Fill dog stand bags.

Repair floating pond fountain electrical.

Prune shrubs along pathways and both entrances as needed.

Plumbers onsite to repair leak in Dalhousie Fountain and install block valve on Danbury Fountain suction line.

Start Danbury Fountain once plumbing repairs complete.

Pressure wash graffiti from pillar at Lessard and eggs from roof of gazebo.