Fence Staining Program – 2019-04-09

While fence maintenance is a homeowner’s responsibility, the Residents’ Association has generally maintained the bottom outer boards and stained the outer faces of neighborhood fences in order to maintain the overall appearance of the neighborhood.

Over the next few weeks a crew will be staining approximately 1/3 of the fence in the community and painting the metal railings around the pond and on the bridges.

Any questions can be sent to maintenance@donsdale.ca

If you would like to book the companies we have chosen for further repairs or staining on your fence, their contact information is as follows:

Carpentry – Darryl Halbert   Phone: 780-289-7244.  Email: centerstone@airsurfer.ca

Staining – David Ebert   Phone: 780-983-9222.  Email: david@ebertco.com

For those residents purchasing fence stain, the specific colour is available from Cloverdale paints at 15846 111 Ave NW.  The colour is “Donsdale Grey” or “Donsdale Pewter”; they are equivalent.  If you identify yourself as a Donsdale Residents’ Association Member at Cloverdale Paints, they should provide you with a discounted price.