Maintenance Completed Week of: 2018-08-27

  • Mowed and trimmed all turf areas.
  • Litter pick of site and emptied garbage cans.
  • Checked dog stand bags.
  • Pruned tree suckers and weeded mulch beds.
  • Raked algae out of pond and streams and applied algaecide.
  • Pruned and cleaned up cat tails along streams.
  • Weeded Dalhousie & Danbury entrance beds and median.
  • Completed 2018 fence staining program.  Approximately 3850 lineal feet of neighbourhood facing fence was stained this year.
  • Replaced start relay and breaker for stream pump.
  • Confirmed leak in nozzle supply piping below Dalhousie Way entrance fountain.

Special maintenance activities planned for September 4th – September 8th:

  • Rake algae and dead weeds out of streams and pond.  Apply algaecide in streams.
  • Pump out the Dalhousie fountain basin and get estimates on the piping leak repair.