Maintenance Complete Week of: 2018-08-13

  • Litter pick of site and emptied garbage cans.
  • Checked dog stand bags.
  • Pruned tree suckers and weeded mulch beds.
  • Cut down cat tails in creeks.
  • Raked algae out of pond.
  • Raked debris out of pond and creeks.
  • Painters onsite staining outer faces of neighbourhood fences identified for staining this year.
  • City onsite grinding stumps and planting trees.
  • Temporarily repaired stream fountain pump start relay and started pump.  Replacement relay on order.

Expected to complete August 20th – August 25th:

  • Weed, trim, and litter pick both medians. Continue weeding beds near creeks and pond.
  • Continue pruning suckers.
  • Prune and shape shrubs.
  • Rake out and spray pond as needed.
  • Continue with fence staining.