Maintenance Complete: 2018-08-06

  • Cut and trimmed all turf areas.
  • Litter pick of site and emptied garbage cans.
  • Checked dog stand bags.
  • Pruned tree suckers and weeded mulch beds.
  • Sprayed streams with treatment of algaecide.
  • Raked debris out of pond and streams.
  • Completed carpentry repairs on approx. 1/2 of the fence to be stained this year.
  • Worked with EPCOR and the City to resolve maintenance of pathway lighting in pond area.  City has agreed they are responsible for repairs and will have EPCOR fix the lights that are not working.
  • Raised the sump pump in Dalhousie Fountain bunker in order to minimize the amount of groundwater being pumped onto the roadway due to the higher groundwater level this year.
  • Investigated the cause of the stream fountain pump’s failure to start.  A replacement start relay is ordered, but may be a couple weeks away.

Expected to complete August 13th – August 18th:

  • Expedite the delivery of the start relay for the stream fountain pump.
  • Complete the carpentry repairs on all fence to be stained this year.
  • Begin fence staining.  Expect it should take about 3 weeks of good weather to finish.
  • Rake algae from streams and pond.  Apply algaecide treatment to streams and spot spray the pond.
  • Remove overgrown cat tail areas in the streams and steams.
  • Prune the rest of the tree suckers.