Maintenance Complete: 2018-07-09

  • Cut and trimmed all turf areas.
  • Algaecide application in creeks and spot application in pond.
  • Litter pick of site and emptied garbage cans.
  • Checked dog stand bags.
  • Pulled debris out of pond and creeks.
  • Pruned and shaped shrubs.
  • Sprayed weeds in beds.
  • Weeded beds in stream off Donsdale Drive.
  • Repaired stuck float on Dalhousie entrance fountain sump pump.
  • City of Edmonton removed several dead trees in stream and pond area.

Expected to complete July 16th- July 21st:

  • Continue pruning deadwood and shaping shrubs.
  • Weed beds throughout pond and creeks.
  • Spray weeds in beds as needed.
  • Apply Muck Pellets and All Natural Clarifier in creeks and pond.