Maintenance Complete: 2018-05-28

  • Cut and trimmed all turf areas.
  • Muck Pellet and All Natural Clarifier added to pond and streams.
  • Litter pick of site and emptied garbage cans.
  • Refilled dog bag stands.
  • Cleared plugged inlet screen and nozzles on stream fountains along Lessard Road.
  • Replaced leaking 3″ fitting on stream fountain supply line.
  • Pruned Suckers.
  • Lowered pond fountain tether rope below waterline.
  • Filled in dirt underneath stream liner for added support.
  • Pulled debris out of pond.  (Included small shopping cart.)
  • Replaced locks on stream light panels at Lessard Road and painted doors.
  • Started Dalhousie Way fountain.  All fountains now running.

Special Activities Planned for June 4th- June 9th:

  • Poly Pro Algaecide application in pond and stream.
  • Trim and spray all beds to prep for mulch install.
  • Bark mulch install in beds.