Stream courses

You may have noticed that the stream courses are not yet flowing for the year and perhaps are wondering why. Both streams require repair work to stop water from flowing over the edge of the liners where the streams join the main pond. The board has consulted with several companies specializing in waterscapes as well as our main maintenance and landscaping provider.

The board selected a contractor based upon knowledge and experience, timeliness of the repair, and cost. Blue Planet Water Features is expected to start the project on May 19. The stream courses will then be started up for the season in the days following the completion of the repairs.

  • KKo

    I am glad to hear that repairs will be done to the streams. They really add to the quality of our community. it was great to see so many people out enjoying the trails along the streams this weekend. Although we have not heard the singing of the frogs very much this year, we hope that the streams were deep enough to preserve the wildlife that grows in them. We are hoping to see the flurry of dragonflies again this summer. It is really nice to see the geese and a variety of ducks making the pond and streams their home this spring. What a great opportunity for families to enjoy nature.

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