Update on Friends of the Creek

There was a lighter than expected turnout to the Friends of the Creek on May 4th, due in part to the unexpected snowstorm we encountered.

Regardless, the three volunteers who worked were the hardy sort and moved all the clippings with the help of an all-terrain vehicle. Pictured below is the twelfth load of 12.


This was a great savings for our Members as we would have needed to pay prevailing labour rates to move those clippings. Many of the trees will not need to be trimmed for some time.

The lack of volunteers probably means we will need to budget for contractors to complete this work next time though!

  • Amy

    That is upsetting to hear of the small turn out for the Friends of the Creek event on May 4th. I wish there was signage to indicate to the members of the community that May 4th was Friends of the Creek. I am sure it would have generated more volunteers. However with our increase fees, I can also understand why residents would feel this to be unnecessary. Are fees must cover something! But what?

    As I walked through our community last night, I was stopped by a lady who was inquiring about our community. What she had to say was not what I was expecting. It was very upsetting what she had to say, it was not nice, and not what we as a community are trying to accomplish. She implied that our fees were being stolen, as opposed to going to good use, and we should get a lawyer ‘surely there must be one in here”. She was disgusted with the slough of our creek. I know Nick is out there working hard to pull all the weeds but realistically this is a job that is to large for one man. To make this job more complicated, he has no where to put the weeds after they are removed. Our residents association is certainly not making this an easy task for one man. Then I read on this web page under About the Association that helm property management is “responsible for the day-to-day management of the Residents Association”. How much is the community of Donsdale paying Helm Property management? I would have hoped that perhaps, Helm could have considered that Nick has no where to bring the weeds and no ATV to help – like as seen in the picture of friends at the creek!

    As a resident I just get more and more questions and no answers. I would love to attend a monthly meeting and read the previous months minutes prior to attending, and have enquired as such, but my request has gone unanswered.

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    • Mark Ballermann

      Hi Amy,
      Thanks for your comments.

      Board meetings are for Board Members. If you would like to attend you can stand for election at the Annual General Meeting in September.

      The ATV was made borrowed by the President from a colleague – it was not paid for out of our dues. We removed clippings that Nick and one of our Board Members generated in the Fall when trimming the stream course trees and shrubs.

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