Living In Donsdale is a Quality Lifestyle

We recently moved into the Donsdale neighbourhood and couldn’t be happier. We have met many of our new neighbours and met some other community members at the summer BBQ. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.

We feel very fortunate to live in such an amazing community. The community is beautiful. My husband and I have taken more walks together since we have moved here than we ever did in our last neighbourhood of 15 years. The pathways, ponds and common areas are lovely and well maintained.

Thank you also goes out to the volunteers who help out regularly and occasionally. We were inspired by the fellow who is constantly hard at work and have been trying to clean out the part of the creek and clean up some of the trees and shrubsto help out a little bit. Our children have met new friends and enjoy walking to school. Although we were initially not happy to hear about the fee increase we support the decision as it is worth it to us to pay about $50 a month to live in such a wonderful community with amenities that few others can boast of.

We thought we lived in a nice area before, however, the pride of ownership is evident in Donsdale which we have greatly appreciated. I look forward to meeting more of you on the walking paths!

  • Mark Ballermann

    Thanks Kko for your kind comments. I couldn’t agree more! All the best,

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