We want a playground! Do you??

There is space zoned for a park south of Dalhousie Way (near the Touchmark Retirement Community) that is currently undeveloped space. Many of our members have small kids and would appreciate having a playground on that space.

In June, the board met with our local councillor for Ward 5, Ms. Karen Leibovici. During the meeting, Karen mentioned that the city has a small budget to upgrade the space to basic standards. In city planner terms, that is ‘blue book’, and would consist of grassy space with possibly a bench or two. Ms. Leibovici communicated that if the local community league has funding in place, and a plan were brought forward to the city, that they would support our efforts. Matched funding may be available from different levels of government.

It was the board’s opinion that we would like to partner with the city and Lessard Community League, to look into what would be necessary for us to do to raise funds to set up a beautiful playground that would serve our members well.

We know that we will need a committee to make decisions about the playground and some adept individuals to help with researching and writing grants to obtain funding.

If you are interested in helping out, please send an email to [email protected]