Fountains and not so harmless pranks

From time to time, we are greeted with the sight of bubbles flowing over the sides of the fountains at the two entrances to our community by Lessard Road. Although I was under the impression that these bubbles were largely harmless, some of the other board members have enlightened me that this is very much not the case.

When the bubbles are added to the water, it can result in damage to the pump if it is not cleaned out right away. Some types of soap are less damaging than others, but in all cases, the company contracted to maintain our grounds will be called in to take care of the mess.

The result of this is higher costs that will be passed on to our members, sooner or later. As no one appreciates paying more for silly reasons like this, we would appreciate some help from our members in keeping these incidents to a minimum. We do not think it is anyone from our neighborhood doing this, but if our members help keep a watchful eye, we might be able to reduce the frequency of these pranks.

What you can do:
If you see an incident like this in progress you can help.